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Walking in a Winter ‘not so’ Wonder Land.

Anyone who lives in Oklahoma knows that there is no telling how the weather is going to be. Last week I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt to class, and today I am wearing a coat with a scarf and boots.

Every winter, college students all over Stillwater dread the day that it gets cold outside. Not only do we have to walk miles a day to get to class, but we now have to endure freezing weather during that long walk.

To top it off, there is wind. Lots of it. The worst feeling in the world is walking outside and having a biting cold breeze come right at your face.

The best way to handle this cold weather is to either layer up, or hitch rides with as many of your friends as possible.

If you want to have more of a chance of receiving a ride later on, you should give as many rides to your friends possible. It not only helps you in the future, it saves your friend from having to endure this dreadful weather.

All I can say is that I am very excited to have a month to hibernate and not have to deal with my harsh journey to class.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's this awful cold weather!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s this awful cold weather!

Stereotypes Video Project

This last week for my class we had a video project due and I chose the creative portion. At first I was going to create an advertisement for PrimPlace Apartments, I do PR for them around campus.

The actors that I had chosen, that live in the apartments, ended up not being able to get together, so I decided to make something else. If I wasn’t going to be making an advertisement, which is what I am wanting to do with my major, I wanted to make something funny.

My blog is obviously directed toward college students so I wanted to make it as relatable to my age group as possible. I was discussing it with some of my friends and the first thing that came to mind was stereotypes.

We started to brainstorm and figure out what particular stereotypes there are around Oklahoma State University. From then on it was a breeze, I had rented out the equipment and had endless volunteers.

When I chose the actors, I decided to put people who are considered that particular stereotype. The only one who isn’t a part of the stereotype is the athlete, and that is because I don’t really know any athletes that aren’t busy all of the time.

As I was editing I was realizing how easy it actually was. Granted, I have been able to mess around with Final Cut the past semester, but it ended up running really smoothly. I was going to add music but I decided that the dry humor in the video wouldn’t be grasped as much with any sort of sound in the background.


My Audio Slideshow


Within the past month I have had a couple of interesting projects. This includes a podcast and an audio slideshow. I would definitely say that my favorite project so far has been the audio slideshow. I have always been fascinated with photography and I love being creative with anything visual.

I took this opportunity to show the city side of my personality. Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma has opened my eyes to finding art in anything I can. The city has some perfect areas to capture the urban feel.

My goal was to find the alternative small-town feel of Stillwater, and boy did I hit the jackpot! Joanna, my subject, and I took a trip to downtown Stillwater and not only captured the small town area perfectly, but also captured a vintage vibe as well.


We discovered some classic, broken-down cars that created an amazing visual aid for the viewer. Joanna and I tried to find areas with vibrant colors so we could really make the clothing pop.


My favorite part of the project, aside from taking pictures, was figuring out the audio. Music has always been an interest of mine, and finding the perfect song was my ultimate goal. I wanted to pick something upbeat to create a happy tone.

The audio slideshow has reassured my decision to work on more of the visual side of advertising.

Leaf Your House and Enjoy The Fall Weather

My favorite time of the year has arrived, autumn. I look forward to the beautiful colors of the leaves, and the perfectly cool weather every year. Instead of wearing crop tops and high-wasted shorts, I get to transition into cozy sweaters and combat boots.

Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are raking up the leaves with my father and having him throw me into the pile. Being able to cuddle up in a blanket next to a fire at night with my dog is what gets me through the long days of classes.

Some people have some trouble trying to figure out something fun to do in the fall so I have decided to provide a couple suggestions.

With technology and Netflix, people get distracted and sometimes don’t appreciate the weather as much as they should. A good way to get yourself off your butt and get up in around is to go on a walk. Ask some friends if they want to stroll around theta pond, maybe you can also bring some hot chocolate.

A classic fall activity is to decorate pumpkins, go to a pumpkin patch with a couple of friends and pick out pumpkin of your liking. Get some paint and be creative! You can even start preparing for Halloween early and carve a scary face.

Those are just a few things that you can do but be creative! Throw it back to when you were younger and come up with silly and unique things to do that involve something other than sitting around.

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College Students and Time Management: Where Does The Time Go?

As a college student, time doesn’t seem like something that I have enough of. I am always running around last minute attempting to finish my assignments, saving my hours for pomping until the final day of the week, and cramming all night for an exam that is the next day.

I was thinking about how little of time we have as college students and then I started to think about what I have actually been doing with my time. There are actually several things that most college students have in common when it comes to filling their time with unproductive activities.

This includes scavenging for food, complaining, watching Netflix, rummaging through your phone, and socializing whenever you possibly can.

I am sure anyone in college can look through that list of activities and agree that we are doing at least one of those things at all time. I was looking through my phone, and the amount of snap chats that I get of people “studying” is ridiculous.

Of course we are cramming for our tests last minute, when we are attempting to study we get distracted by our phone, or the internet. Unfortunately, this is modern day education and there is nothing that we can do about it.



Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom Can Only Take You So Far

There are funny videos and pictures of those with chipmunk cheeks all over the internet. This past weekend I got to experience this first hand and get my wisdom teeth taken out.

I have had many people walk up to me to ask if I have lost my wisdom now that my wisdom teeth are gone, and I laugh, acting as if it is still funny. It’s not.

Since I have come back to OSU to settle back in everyone has seemed to think it would interest me to go through their dental history as well as their experience through getting their wisdom teeth out. Not to sound rude, but I couldn’t care less about anyone’s dental history.

Mine is hefty enough. With this final surgery, I should be finished dealing with my abnormally large, and crooked teeth. Through two sets of braces, and many contraptions inserted into my mouth, I am a free woman.

All I can say to those who have not had to go through much of any dental obstacle in their lifetime is to thank the lord every day. That is not only thousands of dollars put in your pocket, but also so much pain that you don’t ever have to endure.