My Big Fat Greek Opinion

The Greek community is a very distinctive group at Oklahoma State, especially visually. If you are walking through the union you can usually pick out who is Greek and who is not based on what they are wearing.16314_10202384933806348_808385120161832494_n

The men wear a J-crew or polo shirts with abnormally short khaki shorts. The women look like toddlers while wearing giant t-shirts, high tops and sloppy hair.

I am going to be upfront right now and say that I am in a sorority.

I am guilty of this classroom attire and I know it is silly but I will say it is comfortable. Other than classroom attire I would say that I am not the stereotypical sorority girl.10534492_10201447948360409_8614781673267654706_n

The past year that I have been attending OSU has opened my eyes to some major problems concerning people judging me on my character before they have met me around campus. When I am not in my classroom attire and those who aren’t Greek find out I am in a sorority they get a surprising look on their face.

I am stereotyped as a snobby sorority girl. I thought these stupid stereotypes stopped in high school but I guess they haven’t.10363320_10203841362575970_407987255783635754_n

I understand that the problem goes both ways. Some of those in the Greek system are judgmental and I get that, but there are also those who aren’t in the Greek system that are judgmental as well. No one should assume the worst of someone before they even meet that person. It is wrong and, to be honest, very immature.

Let’s grow up, move past this judgment and base our opinion on people through our own experiences with them.


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