Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom Can Only Take You So Far

There are funny videos and pictures of those with chipmunk cheeks all over the internet. This past weekend I got to experience this first hand and get my wisdom teeth taken out.

I have had many people walk up to me to ask if I have lost my wisdom now that my wisdom teeth are gone, and I laugh, acting as if it is still funny. It’s not.

Since I have come back to OSU to settle back in everyone has seemed to think it would interest me to go through their dental history as well as their experience through getting their wisdom teeth out. Not to sound rude, but I couldn’t care less about anyone’s dental history.

Mine is hefty enough. With this final surgery, I should be finished dealing with my abnormally large, and crooked teeth. Through two sets of braces, and many contraptions inserted into my mouth, I am a free woman.

All I can say to those who have not had to go through much of any dental obstacle in their lifetime is to thank the lord every day. That is not only thousands of dollars put in your pocket, but also so much pain that you don’t ever have to endure.



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