My Audio Slideshow


Within the past month I have had a couple of interesting projects. This includes a podcast and an audio slideshow. I would definitely say that my favorite project so far has been the audio slideshow. I have always been fascinated with photography and I love being creative with anything visual.

I took this opportunity to show the city side of my personality. Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma has opened my eyes to finding art in anything I can. The city has some perfect areas to capture the urban feel.

My goal was to find the alternative small-town feel of Stillwater, and boy did I hit the jackpot! Joanna, my subject, and I took a trip to downtown Stillwater and not only captured the small town area perfectly, but also captured a vintage vibe as well.


We discovered some classic, broken-down cars that created an amazing visual aid for the viewer. Joanna and I tried to find areas with vibrant colors so we could really make the clothing pop.


My favorite part of the project, aside from taking pictures, was figuring out the audio. Music has always been an interest of mine, and finding the perfect song was my ultimate goal. I wanted to pick something upbeat to create a happy tone.

The audio slideshow has reassured my decision to work on more of the visual side of advertising.