Stereotypes Video Project

This last week for my class we had a video project due and I chose the creative portion. At first I was going to create an advertisement for PrimPlace Apartments, I do PR for them around campus.

The actors that I had chosen, that live in the apartments, ended up not being able to get together, so I decided to make something else. If I wasn’t going to be making an advertisement, which is what I am wanting to do with my major, I wanted to make something funny.

My blog is obviously directed toward college students so I wanted to make it as relatable to my age group as possible. I was discussing it with some of my friends and the first thing that came to mind was stereotypes.

We started to brainstorm and figure out what particular stereotypes there are around Oklahoma State University. From then on it was a breeze, I had rented out the equipment and had endless volunteers.

When I chose the actors, I decided to put people who are considered that particular stereotype. The only one who isn’t a part of the stereotype is the athlete, and that is because I don’t really know any athletes that aren’t busy all of the time.

As I was editing I was realizing how easy it actually was. Granted, I have been able to mess around with Final Cut the past semester, but it ended up running really smoothly. I was going to add music but I decided that the dry humor in the video wouldn’t be grasped as much with any sort of sound in the background.