College Students and Time Management: Where Does The Time Go?

As a college student, time doesn’t seem like something that I have enough of. I am always running around last minute attempting to finish my assignments, saving my hours for pomping until the final day of the week, and cramming all night for an exam that is the next day.

I was thinking about how little of time we have as college students and then I started to think about what I have actually been doing with my time. There are actually several things that most college students have in common when it comes to filling their time with unproductive activities.

This includes scavenging for food, complaining, watching Netflix, rummaging through your phone, and socializing whenever you possibly can.

I am sure anyone in college can look through that list of activities and agree that we are doing at least one of those things at all time. I was looking through my phone, and the amount of snap chats that I get of people “studying” is ridiculous.

Of course we are cramming for our tests last minute, when we are attempting to study we get distracted by our phone, or the internet. Unfortunately, this is modern day education and there is nothing that we can do about it.